24 March 2021 | Virtual Conference & Vendor Forum

The Certification Landscape and What Industry Needs

18 Nov 2019
3:30 pm-4:00 pm
Ballroom 3

The Certification Landscape and What Industry Needs

This session will look at what is required to ensure that the connected world is secure. Specifically it will look at third party certification and what we need to do to verify the security of the connected products and eco-system.

From the view point of a developer with many years experience in security, how we create a net of protection thru the use of security verification and certification. It will look at the challenges a developer faces and make a proposal of a certification process that can match how we develop and keep products up to date.

It will look at various certification methods from process certification to product certification, looking at the pluses and negatives for each strategy. It will discuss how we build a new certification landscape that fulfills our needs, working with industry partners and where legislation can help.