24-25 May 2022 | Brussels, Belgium

Speakers by Country


Georg Stütz

Security Certification Expert, NXP Semiconductors


Rubén Lirio Vera

BL Cybersecurity Manager, DEKRA

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

Chair of the GlobalPlatform Security Task Force, Principal System Security Architect, STMicroelectronics

Roberto Cascella

Senior Policy Manager, ECSO, Belgium


Patrick Clow

Director Risk Mitigation Programs, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Jason Keirstead

CTO & Distinguished Engineer, IBM Security Threat Management, IBM Security



Roland Atoui

Managing Director, Red Alert Labs, France

Sylvain Guilley

Co-founder & CTO, Secure-IC, France

Ritu Ranjan Shrivastwa

Certification Program Manager, Secure-IC

Gil Bernabeu

Technical Director, GlobalPlatform, Technical Advisor, Standardization and Technology Department, Thales, France

Alban Feraud

President, Eurosmart, France

Mohamad Hajj

IT Security Consultant & Evaluation/Certification Coordinator Internet of Trust, France

Dr. Claire Loiseaux

CEO and Founder, Internet of Trust, France


Fritz Bollmann

Head of Software Certification Section, Federal Office for Information Security, BSI

Sebastian Fritsch

Head of Laboratory, secuvera GmbH, Germany

Klementina Geyer

Common Criteria Certification Expert, Federal Office for Information Security

Matthias Intemann

Head of Section, BSI – Federal Office for Information Security, Germany

Helge Kreutzmann

Senior Expert, Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik

Staffan Persson

founder and CEO, atsec information security GmbH

Sandro Amendola

Head of Standardization/Certification Department, BSI, Germany

Jacques Kruse Brandao

Global Head of Advocacy at SGS Cybersecurity Services, Germany

Natalia Oropeza

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Siemens, Germany

Michael Vogel

Principal Consultant, atsec information security




James Moran

Head of Security, GSMA, Ireland


Rachel Menda-Shabat

Director of Security Solution Certification Division, Winbond



Nineta Polemi

Professor, University of Piraeus, trustilio

Wouter Slegers

CEO, TrustCB, Netherlands

Anna Prudnikova

Senior Certification Specialist, Secura B.V., Netherlands

Carlos Serratos

Senior Director Strategy, Policy and Advocacy, Brightsight, Netherlands

Marc Witteman

Chief Executive Officer, Riscure, Netherlands


Elzbieta Andrukiewicz

National Institute of Telecommunications


José Ruiz Gualda

Co-founder and CTO, jtsec Beyond IT Security

Javier Tallón

CoFounder and COO, jtsec Beyond IT Security SL, Spain

Miguel Bañon

Convenor, CEN/CLC TC13/WG3, Spain

United Kingdom

John Boggie

Head of Cybersecurity Certification, NXP Semiconductors

Tony Boswell

Senior Principal Consultant, CyTAL UK Ltd

Alex Leadbeater

Head Global Obligations Futures and Standards, BT Group, Cybersecurity Chairman, ETSI

Jean Lehmann

Founder & CEO, Cyber Capital HQ, United Kingdom

Petra Manche

Product Security Certification Engineer, Cisco, United Kingdom

David Martin

David Martin, Research Fellow, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Tyrone Stodart

Senior Principal Security Analyst, Oracle

United States

Willy Fabritius

Global Head Strategy & Business Development‚ ÄîInformation Security Assurance, SGS

William Ochs

Member ENISA Cloud AHWG, Cisco EMEA Cloud Certification Lead, CSO Cisco SDWAN, Cisco / ENISA Cloud AHWG

Prasant Vadlamudi

Head of Global Cloud Compliance, Cisco

Brad Ree

CTO, ioXt, United States

Dr. Ronald S. Ross

Computer Scientist, NIST Fellow National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States