28-29 March 2023 | Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place

Giuseppe Damiano

Director of Product Management, Entrust

Giuseppe Damiano

Director of Product Management, Entrust


Giuseppe Damiano is a senior expert in developing and managing PKI solutions and infrastructures, data security and electronic payment systems with more than 25 years of experience. He has very strong knowledge in the field of IT architecture security, PKI solutions, HSMs, e-procurement, e-invoicing, digital certificates for electronic signatures, electronic seals, time stamping.

During his professional career, as CTO of a Qualified Trust Service Provider, Giuseppe has successfully deployed large-scale projects for major Italian banks, Insurance companies, Certification Authorities managing more than 20M qualified digital certificates, using solutions developed in-house.

Among notably achievements are: setup of one of the biggest Qualified Remote Signature infrastructures in Europe, remote signature server solutions capable to host large numbers of
certificates independently by the HSM capacity, designing of HSM solutions to manage data security for electronic payment instruments. Together with one of the most important smart card manufacturers, he defined and implemented the first
prototype of a digital signature system based on a GSM SIM. The project has also received a nomination in 2005 by the European IST-Prize as one of Europe’s most innovative projects of the year.

Giuseppe has actively contributed to writing one of the first technical API standard for Cloud Signature. The standard is defined by the Cloud Signature Consortium and adopted
by ETSI: https://cloudsignatureconsortium.org/2019/04/02/etsi-collaboration/.

He has also actively contributed to writing one of the first proposal for Distributed Ledged

Timestamp based on standard PKI formats and blockchain evidences: https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-intesigroup-dlts-03.html

Giuseppe has recently joined Entrust in November 2020 as Director of Product Management of the nShield product portfolio offering.

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