24 March 2021 | Virtual Conference & Vendor Forum

Conference Agenda

All times are CET.

Wednesday 24 March

12:00-13:30 CET • Plenary Keynote Session

12:00 CET Welcome and Introduction (P10a) Jose Ruiz, Program Director, EU Cyber Act Conference, Spain

12:10 CET Government Keynote (P10b) Juhan Lepassaar, Executive Director, ENISA, Belgium

12:50 CET Industry Keynote: Cybersecurity in Europe: Why we have to do it together (P10c) Natalia Oropeza, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Siemens, Germany

13:30-13:50 CET • Break

13:50-15:20 CET • Track Sessions

Track A11

13:50 CET 5G Candidate Scheme (A11a) Speaker TBA

14:20 CET GSMA Response to ENISA 5G Plan (A11b) James Moran, Head of Security, GSMA, Ireland

14:50 CET First Experience with the Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS) (A11c) Rasma Araby, COO, atsec information security AB, Sweden

Track B11

13:50 CET EU Policy Developments: What’s New? (B11a) Aristotelis Tzafalias, Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium

14:20 CET The Design and Mechanisms of the URWP and the EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework under the CSA (B11b) Renate Verheijen, EU Legal Officer Cybersecurity Certification Framework, ENISA, Greece

14:50 CET Eurosmart View on the EU Cybersecurity Act (B11c) Alban Feraud, President, Eurosmart, France

15:20-15:40 CET • Break

15:20 CET The Benefits of a “Many Hands and Many Eyes” Approach to Cyber Security (S11d) Yoann Klein, Senior Cyber Security Advisor, Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre, Belgium

15:40-17:10 CET • Track Sessions

Track A12

15:40 CET Trustworthiness of Cellular Infrastructures: State-of-the-Art and Ongoing Developments (A12a) Boutheina Chetali, Security Certification Sr. Expert, Huawei Technologies, France

16:10 CET Panel on Consumer IoT: Building a European Scheme (A12b) Moderator: Miguel Bañón, Convenor, CEN/CLC TC13/WG3, Spain Panelists: Juhani Eronen, Chief Specialist, NCSC-FI, Traficom, Finland; Martin Schaffer, Global Head of Cybersecurity Services, SGS Group, Austria
60 MIN

Track B12

15:40 CET ECSO’s Outlook on the EU Cybersecurity Act (B12a) Roberto Cascella, Senior Policy Manager, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), Belgium

16:10 CET ANSSI View on the EU Cybersecurity Act (B12b) Franck Sadmi, NCCA Team Leader, ANSSI, France

16:40 CET BSI View on the EU Cybersecurity Act (B12c) Matthias Intemann, Head of Section, BSI, Germany

17:10-17:30 CET • Break

17:30-19:00 CET • Track Sessions

Track A13

18:00 CET ENISA efforts on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity (A13b) Dr. Apostolos Malatras, Team Leader, Knowledge and Information, ENISA, Greece

Track B13

17:30 CET An Evaluation Methodology for 62443-4-2 (B13a) Sebastian Fritsch, Head of Laboratory, secuvera GmbH, Germany

18:00 CET Introducing FITCEM (Fixed-Time Cybersecurity Evaluation Methodology for ICT Products) (B13b) Helge Kreutzman, CEN/CENELEC JTC13 WG3 Project Editor, Standardisation Expert, BSI, Germany

18:30 CET Panel Discussion: A Glimpse into the Future of the CSA (P13c) Moderator: Matthias Intemann, Head of Section, BSI, Germany Panelists: John Boggie, Director, Head of Cybersecurity Certification, NXP, United Kingdom; Tyrone Stodart, Senior Principal Security Analyst, Oracle, United Kingdom; Michael Vogel, Managing Director, atsec information security GmbH, Germany
60 MIN

19:30 CET • Adjourn